TAEDA DOORS PE 2000 are great quality and safe doors specially designed for home entries.
Made out of dry, stabilized grandis wood, coming from sustainable forests. durable, high end, 100% ecological product

DOORS: Completely manufactured with solid 43mm wood.

FRAMES: Same wood, 10cm wide with EPDM weather strips, providing comfort and air tightness.

IRONWORK: Composed by three nickel-plated hinges and a Kallay 4002 nickel-plated lock (or similar).

SCABS: They cover the joining between the wall and the frame, which also covers the foam used for attachment.

We recommend to apply a dry attachment system, preferably using expansive foam insulation.

Doors are delivered squared and regularized with spacers to assure proper functioning. Those spacers should only be removed once the door is permanently set in its place.


PE2000: 90x204cm
PE2000 XL: 100x220cm
PE2000 2H: 172x204cm
PE2000 2H XL: 192x220cm
Fixed glass: wide sizes variety

NOTE: These are solid, natural woods and they can vary on tones and streaks.
Transportation, installation and painting services are not included.