The Taeda line is developed through a high tech productive process, using materials from sustainable forests. We give our clients durable, high end, 100% ecological products


85 x 202cm
80 x 202cm
75 x 202cm
70 x 202cm
65 x 202cm
60 x 202cm
89 x 204cm
84 x 204cm
79 x 204cm
74 x 204cm
69 x 204cm
64 x 204cm
92 x 206cm
87 x 206cm
82 x 206cm
77 x 206cm
72 x 206cm
67 x 206cm

Transportation, installation and painting services are not included.

Taeda Interior Line

THE DOORS are made out of two plane moulded or veneered MDF panels, a plywood perimeter frame that gives structure to the door, and a high density cellulosic honeycomb core.

THE FRAMES are made from of solid pine laminated wood (clear finger-joint), 3cm thick and 10 to 16cm wide.

is composed by three nickel-plated hinges, and a Kallay 503 nickel-plated lock (or similar).

THE SCABS are the necessary endings to cover the joining between the wall and the frame, which also covers the foam used for attachment.

is very simple. We recommend to use a dry attachment system, preferably using expansive foam insulation. They must never be set using a sticky mortar.

Doors are delivered squared and regularized with spacers to assure proper functioning. Those spacers should only be removed once the door is permanently set in its place.